Sunday, March 22, 2009

Atlantic Crap Conference-who cares

Greivis Vasquez probably couldn't start for the U of M. Might play some minutes, but couldn't start. And he is a star in the almighty ACC.

Terrico White was freshman of the year in the SEC. Not only could he not start for this years Memphis team, he wasn't even recruited by Memphis.

What does this mean? It means quit predicting who is going to win games based on the reputation of their conference. Everyone needs to realize that Memphis has reached a level way beyond good regardless what conference they play in. They are becoming NASA while most everyone else is struggling to be Jet Blue. Enough of the talk about CUSA being terrible because we all know that......we also know now that the league you play in has absolutely nothing to do with how good you are or how you will do against better competition.

Ask Wake Forest. Ask Maryland. Better yet ask Greivis Vasquez.

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