Monday, March 9, 2009

Cousins to Memphis - Let's Not Go Crazy

Am I the only one that is not ready to declare next year the greatest ever? Demarcus Cousins is a great talent but his arrival (depending on his ACT scores) will also present a drastic difference in style of play. If we have learned anything from this year, we all know change doesn't come overnight. Depending on the strength of schedule, the Tigers could find themselves losing a few before Santa comes calling.

Chemistry is bound to be a problem under any circumstances with a new recruiting class. This is even more pronounced with a recruiting class that looks like a 2014 NBA all star game. But it is even harder when someone very different from your prototype Memphis athlete (athletic, long and fast) arrives on campus. The pace of the game will change with a true post player on the court so let's not chalk up an undefeated season just yet.

Don't get me wrong, it is a terrific problem to try to work around. Any school in the country would kill to be facing this dilemma. Chances are Cal will figure it out and by the end of next season will be a favorite to win it all. And poor Conference USA. If the rest of CUSA is smart, they will switch any funds that they are now investing in basketball and by some GM stock. Even that would be smarter than trying to compete with Memphis. The streak will hit 80 next season.

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HMS Beagle said...

While reading the CA article I had the same concerns about Cousins. Then I decided to enjoy the moment (this recruiting coup came as a suprise to me this AM). I went out bought a 5th of that outstanding Blanton's bourbon to celebrate. Having a sip now, in fact.

Also, enjoyed your other posts.

I bet UAB fans are pretty ticked for letting this one get away.